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An Overview for Research Projects in 2014

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This is the last day of 2013. 2013 is so amazing. I got my forst SANS training, and also my first GIAC certification. Thanks God for all the things in 2013. I have so many plans that already listed in my notes. I dont know if i can reach all the goals or not. Hopefully 2014 will be nice for me.

This post is a reminder for me to do some plans.

  1. Research about virtualization especially in Vmware. I have a high spec machine that is not used until now. And i have a Vmware licensed (Thanks to Honeynet Project and Mt. Brian Hay :) ). So this is the best time for me to continue my research in Vmware.

  2. Splunk released a new version, and this version will be great. COmbine Splunk and Prelert to detect unknown threat based on Machine Learning.

  3. Learning reverse engineering. This is very important for me since my plan to take a GREM certification is waiting for me. If i want to get a deep knowledge in Malware analysis area, this one should be the top priority in 2014.

  4. Playing with networking area. I signed up a premium member in New GNS3 crowdfunding. This is awesome project. They will release a new tools, and include a pack of training and tutorial from basic to high level in networking area (especially in security area : CCNA, Juniper, etc) . It is a great opportunity for me to learn networking using New GNS3. Hopefully.

That’s all from my checklist fir 2014. There are a lot of things that not written in there. Happy New Year :)

Happy Hacking