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Free E-Learning Portal in Penetration Test Security

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After breaking for a while from blogging activity, i am ready to blogging again :D. Right now, i want to share a little information about Online Portal for E-Learning Penetration Test Security Course. We know that many institutions / organizations offer online training in penteration test. Offensive Security by Mati Aharoni, ElearnSecurity by Armando Romero, PentestLab, Mile2, and many more. Well, the course is not cheap for some peoples (including me :D). For those who want to learn about Penetration Test, practice in a lab, get a course module about computer security and Penetration test, i will give a list about people or institution that offer the course for FREE! :D. Are you interested? Check this out :

  1. HackAcademy from HackaServer http://www.hackademy.us/

    HackaServer is an outsource project that specializing for penetration test, and security enthusiast. It is like a freelance project (odesk, elance, freelancer, etc) but only focusing in penteration test, and security consultant.

    Besides their business, HackaServer offer a Free Online Portal for Penteration Test. The portal made from Moodle (i guess it is Moodle :D), and you will see some course like Pentest,or Quiz Lab,etc. Since it is a new online E-Learning, HackaServer still under development. You can register to get further information about this course.

  2. Hacking Lab https://www.hacking-lab.com/

    This one is more practical. You get an access to Hacking Lab, and yeah..Let’s Hack the Server dude :D. Hacking Lab will provide some challenge that need to be solved. If you get a high score, your name will listed in HWall of Fame. Wohoooooo.. Famous :D. They have so many challenges, and if you are interested in breaking something, yeah.. Hacking Lab provides it.This is the right place and of course you dont have to make a mess in someone’s server.

  3. Pentest Cryptocity http://pentest.cryptocity.net/

    This course model like a course in University. If you know free online course that offered by Standford, MIT, Coursera, etc, yes.. you will see the same model with that. You will get an excellent course module from the expert, like Dan Guido, Alex Sotirov, Dino Dai Zovi, Aaron Portnoy, and many more. Wohoooo.. Get a course from 31337, and they also provides the video course. Great resources from a great hackers. Don’t wait, point your browser to this course.

  4. Hack Me http://hack.me/

    It seems HackMe offer a same model training lab with Hacking Lab. The tagline : Web application security virtual labs. Free for all. It seems that they are only focusing in Web Application Security areas. You will get access to their virtual hacking lab, but i am not sure since the course is still under development. They said that this course will open at 9th October. Tomorrow maybe? Let’s See :D, but i think they will offer a great resources,and of course, it is FREE :D

Okay that’s all for now. I will update this post if i find a new Free Online Course in Penetration Test Security. See ya !

Happy Hacking :D