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Free Webinar Malware Analysis

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Halo teman. Saya ingin memberikan informasi mengenai adanya Webinar Malware Analysis. Webinar ini diselenggarakan oleh BrithtTalk. Kebetulan saya register Channel IT Security pada BrightTalk Webcast, sehingga saya mendapatkan informasi mengenai adanya Webinar Malware Analysis. Bagi Teman-teman yang bergelut di bidang Malware Analysis, Reverse Engineering, mungkin saja tertarik mengikuti Event Webinar Malware ANalysis ini. Untuk informasi lebih lengkapnya saya copy paste detail event nya dari Website BrightTalk :


Title : Malware Analysis, Let the COmputer Do the Work!

Presenter : Thomas J. QUinian, Malware Researcher

Scheduled Time : Jun 20 2012 8.00 pm Duration : 45 mins

Synopsis :

Malware analysts spend a lot of time alayzing code and looking for indicators of comparisons from advanced persistent threats and even for the most seasoned analyssts the volume of analysis can be prohobitive. In today’s environment malware analysts ned to leverage automated tools to power through large volumes of sample code and quickly receive valuable threat summaries.

Letting the computers do the work allows the analysts to quickly identify files of greatest concern, and focus on remediating especially pernicious attacks. Malicious behaviour can now be right down to the kernel level giving a complete picture of how your network was targeted by a spesific cyber threat.

To attend this event please click : http://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/288/48053