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How to Backup Vmware ESXi Using Vsphere Client

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Hello All. Today i just wanna post newbie guide how to backup Vmware ESXi using Vsphere client. Because i am a newbie, especially in Vmware ESXi, it is the first time for me to backup Vmware ESXi. It is just a simple step, but i wanna explain more with picture (screenshot taken from my box), and will explain step by step based on the screenshot.

Basic step to backup Vmware ESXi (and other VM) :

➢ Create a snapshot of VM ➢ Copy files to a backup location ➢ Delete snapshot

Okay, i will explain more the basic step from my screenshot here :

  1. Create your Snapshot first. You can do this step using this 2 screenshots :

  2. Open your Vsphere Client, and connect to your Vmware ESXi box :

  3. After Log In, you can see the inventory. Click Icon Inventory

  4. After click the Inventory, dou can see the tree directory of your virtual OS.

  5. Click one of your virtual OS that you wanna backup.

  6. After Click ypur virtual OS, then click Summary Tab. After taht, you can see icon Data in Datastore

  7. Right Click icon Data and choose Browse Datastore

  8. Nah, you can find a list of files from your virtual OS.

  9. FInd a snapshot file type, or .vmsn extension.

  10. Right click the .vmsn file (snapshot file) and then Choose Download.

  11. Choose the location that you wanna save this snapshot / backup file.

  12. The Download / Backup Process started.

Okay.. That’s all from me. Sorry for bad english or misspelled. :D.

Happy Learning :D